Sunday, 2 February 2014


Lucy Alexis Liu
*2nd December 1968
American actress, director, producer and model
Jenny and John Liu (siblings)

Ally McBeal - Ling Woo
Flypaper - Dot
Payback - Pearl
Shanghai Noon  - Princess Pei Pei
Charlie's Angels - Alex Munday
Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever - Agent Sever
Chicago - Kitty Baxter
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle - Alex Munday
Kill Bill Volume 1 - O-Ren Ishii
Kill Bill Colume 2 - O-Ren Ishii
3 Needles - Jin Ping
Lucky Number Slevin - Lindsey
Code Name: The Cleaner - Gina
Watching the Detectives - Violet
The Year of Getting Know Us - Anne
The Trouble with Bliss - Andrea
The Man With Irons First - Madame Blossom
Southland - Jessica Tang
Elementary - Dr. Joan Watson

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